Teen Commits Suicide A Day After He Went To A Class On Bullying.

Sup Travellers?! Another teen suicide caused by bullying!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Just Thursday, a 15 year old boy from Illinois named Jordan Lewis killed himself a day after he watched a video about bullying at his Illinois high school. The video that was supposed to help him deal with the stress of bullying subsequently did the complete opposite.

The same day that Jordan watched the video he sent a text message to his friend saying that he was going to harm himself. The grandmother of the friend he texted reported it to the police and the police made a "wellness visit" to Lewis's home that same evening. The visit however seemed futile because the very next day, according to the LA Times, Jordan fatally shot himself in the chest. His father, Brad Lewis, says Jordan left behind a suicide note listing the reason why he took his life: "because he was being bullied." He was constantly bullied in his school for his red hair and glasses, Brad Lewis explains.

Brad Lewis thinks the video could have actually given his son a nudge, telling the Los Angeles Times that "at the end ... the kid that was being bullied went home and killed himself." The video apparently did more harm than good to young Jordan. SO SAD!! This is like the millionth story that i've reported on about teen suicide that was caused by bullying. My take on this is that if you get rid of the bullies you can substantially decrease the number of teen suicides. It may not stop it entirely but it will definitely help. Bullying sucks. I never personally really experienced being bullied for long periods but I have gotten beaten up in primary and secondary school. I think once you go through the public education system in Trinidad it's almost ritualistic that you get beat up at some point, at least once. [But that's just besides the point of this article]. RIP Jordan Lewis. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Its sad... but you have a point after going school in Trinidad no one can come and use words to make us depress..R.I.P


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