Teacher Takes His Students To A Strip Club For A Class Field Trip.

Sup Travellers?! What's a better place to learn about addition and subtraction than in your friendly neighborhood strip club? When you go to a strip club you learn that strippers will subtract their clothes the more money that you add. It's a very simple lesson that men have been learning for years but it's obvious that a stripper's educational value has been deemed as inappropriate for the addition into an ailing world education system [LOL].

So in order to add strippers to the daily dose of education in schools, a 31 year old chemistry teacher named Travis Lechien took the first step. He took his teen students from Indiana's Hanover Central High School to a strip club on Tuesday to celebrate a student's birthday according to NBC Chicago. As was expected, Travis was subsequently fired from his job and he was also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Travis is definitely not the smartest teacher in the world but at least he's innovative. Innovative is good. I mean, think about it. What teacher takes their students to a strip club. That's as innovative as making shoes for birds. Anyway, my name is Trnikid and you've just been informed.