Scandal Star, Kerry Washington, Confirms That She's Pregnant.

Sup Travellers?! I'm not a huge fan of "Scandal", but it's apparently a very popular show. Most of my friends watch that show and when they start talking about it I just slowly back away from the conversation knowing that my contributions would be very little. Anyway, the star of that super popular show that I don't watch is the gorgeous Kerry Washington. She finally confirmed that she is expecting her first child with her husband, NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, after four months of hiding it. It's a fact that Olivia Pope is very good at keeping secrets but four months is just ridiculous.

She’s about four months along,” a friend of Kerry told Us Weekly. Now, I don't watch the show but I think that her pregnancy may be included in the script. It may not, but then again, wouldn't that make for an epic inclusion in the series. She could get pregnant with no clue who's the daddy leaving the unsuspecting viewers in a frenzy to find out who's the lucky guy that knocked her up? It's either that guy, or some other guy [As I said, I don't watch the show]. I'm definitely sensing a new season that i'm probably not going to watch [LOL]. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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