SAD: Woman Who Was Denied Help Gives Birth On Clinic Lawn.

Sup Travellers?! Mexican officials have been brought to action after a woman was forced to give birth on the lawn of the Oaxaca clinic in Mexico when she was denied help from the nurses on October 2nd. Irma Lopez, 29, says she and her husband walked for an hour to the clinic, but were turned away by a nurse who said she was "still not ready" to give birth without even any proper examination. But a later investigation says that The Oaxaca staffers were too shorthanded  due to the partial work stoppage in Mexico to treat the pregnant woman.

Well, 90 minutes after she denied, her water broke and she gave birth right outside of the clinic on the lawn. A witness snapped a photo of the scene which later went on to make headlines all over Mexico and ultimately, the world. The story was reported by Medical Daily among other sites. Critics say Lopez was denied care because she's among the indigenous poor. "They are not being offered quality health services, not even a humane treatment," said a reproductive rights advocate in Mexico. 

The reproductive rights advocate may be right but Irma is already a mother to two children. Information of how the other children were born haven't been revealed yet but I don't think that they were chugged out on a clinic lawn. Irma was, however, compensated by the Oaxaca clinic who granted her $30 in aid after she gave birth. "I am naming him Salvador," she said, a name that translates as "Savior" in English. "He really saved himself." I wish Irma and her family all the best especially after they newest addition. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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