SAD: Train Runs Over Couple Having Sex On Railroad Tracks.

Sup Travellers?! Some couples do all kind of strange things in order to heat up the sex in their lives. Some do it in toasters, some do it in the microwave and some even do it inside frying pans [Not even sure how that's possible]. But it is not very advisable to do it on a train track. We all have 99 problems but a train shouldn't be one. However, a Ukrainian couple lived dangerously and took their romance to a train track.

According to reports from Russian News Outlet, Ria Novosti, two crazies lovers were hit by a train in Ukraine on Saturday while they were having sex on the railroad. The unidentified woman died on the spot, and her 41-year-old partner lost both his legs in the Saturday morning incident in the city of Zaporozhye. "My girlfriend and I could not overcome our passionate nature and wanted to feel a sense of thrill near a railway track," the man later old police.

The man may face trespassing charges. This however isn't the first time that a couple got hit by a train while having sex on a railroad. In 2008, both participants were killed by a freight locomotive in South Africa after they ignored train whistles. The man was found still wearing a condom [I guess he didn't fully understand the concept of safe sex]. Even though this is really sad, I can't help but feel a slight giggle bellowing in my gut. I guess that's just the evil in me trying to get out [LOL]. RIP to the woman and my condolences to the man who lost both his partner and his legs. So sad. Anyway my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.