SAD: Man Crushed To Death By His Own Marijuana

Sup Travellers?! I want you to picture a full grown polar bear in your head right now. Is it in your head? Good. Now I want you to imagine that polar bear falling on top of you at full speed and screaming like Chewbaca. But instead of the polar bear being fat and fury, I want you to imagine it in the form of green leafy goodness. And by green leafy goodness, I mean Marijuana [SIDE NOTE: I don't smoke marijuana]. That agonizing and harrowing feeling of being crushed by a green leafy polar bear was felt by a Brazilian drug smuggler in real life. Sucks right?

According to the Daily Mail UK, the man was killed when he crashed into a tree while being chased by police ... because the 1,100 pounds of weed came barreling forward and crushed him against the steering wheel. Federal police started the chase when the man didn't stop at a road block. The chase went on for three miles before the unidentified man lost control of his car; he was killed instantly.

1100 pounds of Marijuana is enough Marijuana to feed a school get clouds high. Eventhough he died under his own stupidity negligence let's still send our condolences. May his soul rest in peace I'm sure he's in a very high place somewhere on cloud 9 right now. But there is a moral to this story that we should all take note of. The moral of this story is: NEVER DRIVE WITH POLAR BEARS!!! My Name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.