SAD: Daycare Worker Accused Of Raping Baby.

Sup Travellers?! How does one go about raping a baby? How does that even happen? Well a female daycare worker named Heather Koon in Elyria, Ohio somehow figured that out because she was arrested on two counts of rape. Police found videos on her computer of her assaulting a baby but even though the video was clearly showing the evidence, Heather pleaded not guilty to the charges and said that it wasn't her in the video. The discovery was made while police were investigating Koon's boyfriend, who is a registered sex offender, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

A police report says the video showed Koon "engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant.". The child was later identified by the baby's father by showing him photos of the video. "I still haven't wrapped my mind around it," he says. "It's every parent's worst nightmare." Koon's lawyer says she denies that she's the person in the video. "She says it is definitely not her," he says. "She's a young girl, she's 25. I just don't think it is what they (sheriff's department) are saying it is."  Koon is being held on a $2 million bond, and will face court again next week. The age or sex of the baby has yet to be revealed.

She can't run away from video evidence. Once the video says that it's her there isn't really much that she can say or do. It's a done deal. She raped the baby and now she has to suffer the consequences. There are no ifs buts or babies maybes. The only question now is how long will she be jailed for? I guess we'll find that out next week. But until then, just keep in mind that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.