SAD: Daisy Coleman On The Night She Says She Was Raped: 'If God Were Real, Why Would He Do This?'

Sup Travellers?! There was an incident back in January where a Missouri teen named Daisy Coleman was raped and left for dead in the blistering cold in front of her parents' house. Luckily, she didn't die but she was left in a complete mess and traumatized by the whole situation. The rape case is still going on since it happened in January but new details about it have recently emerged.

In a blog post on XOJane, Dasiy Coleman describes what happened the day that her mother found her sprawled out on the front lawn. She also admits that she quit praying, because "if God were real, why would he do this?" She says that she began cutting and burning herself all over her body, twice attempting to take her own life. She goes into quite a lot of details about how her life has changed since the incident.

 "My mother told me she found me outside, left for dead, and when she heard me trying to get to the door, she thought it was a dog scratching. I was weak and could have died in the below freezing temperatures. Next thing I knew, I was in the ER getting blood drawn and having various tests done. We all knew what had happened, we just wanted someone else to say it for us. The doctors examined the rape kit and verified that our nightmares were real. This nightmare, though, didn't end. It continued on for many long months. It was only later I learned that my best friend, a year younger than me, had been raped, too."

I do feel for her and I do hope that she can be reconciled in order to overcome the overburdened trauma caused by the horrible incident. But I think that she is lucky as hell that her mother found her in time and that her ass didn't freeze to death in the blistering cold. She should be thanking God that she is alive, not bashing his very existence. I'M JUST SAYING!!! Thank God she's still alive. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. And we should not be bashing her either, when someone experiences trauma especially rape, anger is one of the stages they go through and it can be directed to anyone and anything, it is part of her process,. I am sure she does not hate God and in time she will heal and be praying to him again.

  2. She can say whatever the hell she wants about god......its her life


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