NEWS: 7.2 Magnitude Quake Rocks The Phillipines Killing As Much As 93 People.

Sup Travellers?! Today was a very grim day in the Phillipines. According to reports from the BBC a 7.2 magnitude quake shook the central Philippines today, killing at least 93 and toppling structures including a hospital and the bell tower at the country's oldest church. 

It's so inconvenient that the hospital collapsed in the area. I'm sure that there are other hospitals in the area for the people who were wounded during the quake but you must also consider the fact that many of the people in the hospital were too sick to even protect themselves. That sucks!! It was reported that as much as 77 of the 93 people who died were in the island of Bohol, which is where the quake's epicenter was located.

The quake also killed at least 15 people and caused extensive damage in Cebu, the Philippines' second largest city, which is across a narrow strait from Bohol, the BBC reports. When the quake hit, "we ran out of the building, and outside, we hugged trees because the tremors were so strong," a Bohol provincial government employee says. "Minutes after the earthquake, people were pushing each other to go up the hill" out of fears that a tsunami would follow, she says. But the quake was centered far enough inland that it did not cause a tsunami.

The crazy thing is that you never know when an Earthquake could strike. It could strike out of nowhere. No one in the Philippines was expecting to wake up to such a ferocious quake today. But that's just how life goes I guess. RIP to all the folks who lost their lives in the quake and my condolences to the families. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.