Corpse Found Hanging in Apartment After 8 Years By The New Owner.

Sup Travellers?! I want you to imagine something. Close your eyes. Are your eyes closed? OH WAIT!! Don't close your eyes. That won't make any sense. Keep your eyes open and imagine buying a new house in Paris. But while you're moving in, imagine finding the mummified remains of the previous owner of the house hanging from the ceiling. Now that I painted that horrible picture in your head, you can now probably relate to the man from this article. Because this is what he experienced on Friday.

The AFP reports that the new owner of an apartment near Paris found the mummified body of the previous owner which had been hanging for as long as eight years. But despite being dead for so long no one noticed that he was gone because he lived a very isolated life. The 40-year-old native of Cambodia had just lost his job and was struggling to pay the bills when he killed himself. The bank finally took repossession of the property and sold it at auction, apparently without bothering to inspect it first. A police official stated: "The body was in perfect condition, as was the apartment.

It's so sad that a man could go missing for 8 years without anyone making a report. I find that so strange. The bank officials didn't even check up on the man or even inspect the house to see what was going on. Even though we can argue that the bank was negligent in this case, we can't really blame them. The whole situation is just based on the fact that the man was depressed and had no friends or family looking out for him. NOT ONE PERSON REPORTED HIM MISSING!! WOW!! That sucks. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Dead and old does not mean mummified lol.

  2. Look at the definition number 2


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