CELEBS: Miley Cyrus Offered One Million Dollars To Do Porn.

Sup Travellers?! This article may most likely get flagged as inappropriate by Google for having the word "Porn" in it but you know what? PORN PORN PORN POOORN.....PENIS VAGIIIIINA!!! SASHA GREY!! Speaking of porn guess which child star got offered one million dollars to star in one? Well if you read the headline then you should already know the answer. But i'll tell you anyway. It was Miley Cyrus.

This piece of news was reported by TMZ who stated that adult retailer GameLink is offering Miley Cyrus a lucrative one million dollars to star in an adult shoot. The company said that they are NOT asking Miley to get naked or even be involved in any form of sexual activities. All she has to do is sit in the directors chair during the scene and oversee the........TRANSACTIONS. Here's a list of possible names for the show as listed by TMZ: 1) Wrecking Balls, 2) Dirty Twerk, 3) She Can't Stop, 4) MTV VMA-nal.

I won't be surprised if Miley Cyrus actually takes up the offer. What else could she possibly do to make noise, she done touched on everything....BUT LITTLE BOYS!! [Random Eminem reference that has absolutely nothing to do with the article]. This is without a doubt the next logical step to compliment her already R rated album called "Bangerz". Am I right? What else can Miley do to disappoint society? Her porn shoot will simply be the cherry on the already frosted cake. Let's just wait and see if she accepts the offer but until then be sure not to forget that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.