CELEBS: Kendall And Kylie Jenner Pick Sides In Bruce And Kris's Nasty Divorce.

Sup Travellers?! Bruce and Kris Jenner's divorce created quite a stir in the world of entertainment mainly because of the fact that they are stars of the most watched reality show on the planet. Other than that, nobody would have really given a crap about them. I reported on the story a few days ago so i'm not going to repeat any of the details. But what I didn't report on is the fate of Kendall and Kylie Jenner who are the children of Bruce and Kris. Who gets the custody of the kids?

It's really too soon to talk about custody battle but according to recent reports, Kendall and Kylie may get torn apart by the whole thing. A source close to the family explained: “Kendall has always been much closer to dad, Bruce, than to momager, Kris. Kendall is much quieter and shy, just like Bruce….she doesn’t seek out the spotlight like her younger sister Kylie. Kendall has been splitting her time between Malibu and the family mansion. Kendall would like to move into Bruce’s house full-time but Kris always gives her a guilt trip about it. Kylie is always going to side with Kris because they have always been so much alike. She is obsessed with having the latest designer handbag, flashiest car, and loves being the center of attention. Kylie has her friends over and they party at the house all the time, and Kris could care less. She thinks it’s better for Kylie to party at home, rather than at someone else’s house. Bruce is much stricter than Kris, and the parents often bicker about how to discipline the girls.

If you watched the reality show then you would be aware of these differences that exist between the sisters. Kendall is generally more reserved than her other half Kylie who is usually......NOT. The source went on to say: “it was always Bruce that took them and picked them up. Kris was never around, she was always off with Kim doing promotional appearances. Bruce really was Mr. Mom, and always has been. Kris only took a more active role in the teenager’s lives when she started brokering business deals on their behalf. Of course, Kris always gets her 10 percent cut of all deals she brokers that any of the kids get. Bruce doesn’t view his children as a business, and Kris sadly does. Keep a very close eye on Kylie….she could start making headlines very soon for all the wrong reasons.” 

The source close to the family was quoted on Perez Hilton and I feel like the source is more favorable of Bruce and is just blatantly discrediting Kris. Even though it is obvious that Kris generally extorts her children [especially Kim] for money, you can't say that she is a bad parent. There is probably a lot of things that Kris did that Bruce was unable to do. If I had to take sides in this whole court drama i'd probably want Bruce to win everything because Bruce is generally less DIVA but Kris still needs to get some credit. The source makes Kris look like a money hungry rat who couldn't give a sh*t about her children. She wasn't all THAT bad. [I watch the reality show I think i'm qualified to say this...LOL]. The information on who gets custody has yet to be revealed  but what we do know is that Bruce has been recently seen out getting some quality time with his girls. We'll just have to wait and see how the divorce pens out in time. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.