CELEBS: Halle Berry Gives Birth. It's A......

Sup Travellers?! Did you know that Halle Berry was pregnant? Well she was pregnant a couple times actually [Twice to be exact]. She was recently pregnant with her second baby but she isn't pregnant anymore because she gave birth on Saturday. I'm still not sure exactly what time on Saturday she gave birth but that's not important [Is it?].

According to reports from CNN, actress Halle Berry and husband, Olivier Martinez, welcomed the birth of their first son on Saturday. The baby was born at Cedar Sinai's Medical Center but that's all the information that was given to the public. Halle Berry's rep who publicized the info refused to say what the baby's name was but I guess we'll find out in time [His last name will be Martinez, we know that for sure].

It's good to see Halle Berry getting her family in order especially after all the horrible divorces that she went through. Berry was previously married to former pro baseball player David Justice [from 1993 until 1996] and singer Eric Benet [from 2001 to 2004]. She also had a daughter named Nahla with her ex boyfriend Gabriel Aubry [She's 5 years old now]. Her current marriage with Oliver Martinez started in July of this year and hopefully it can last more than 3 years. Hollywood marriages tend to not last very long [Unless you're Will and Jada Smith. They are the exceptions]. But even if they get a divorce or stay together, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.