Brazilian Beauty Pageant For Transgenders. The Winner Gets A Free Sex Change.

Sup Travellers?! I'm not gay but I must admit that when I looked at the photo above for the first time I found the people in it to be quite......APPEALING. After finding out that they were all born men I found myself taking a second look at the picture and my sexuality [LOL]. Am I the only one who thought that they were all women? I hope not. I really hope not.

The women/men in the photo above were contestants in a beauty pageant for transsexuals called the Miss Trans Brazil 2013 contest. They were all born men and  each of them competed for the "coveted" prize of a free sex change along with the opportunity to go to Thailand for the global version of the beauty contest, Miss International Queen 2014. Out of the 28 transgenders only one was able to walk away with the crown and that person was 21-year-old model and escort from São Paulo, Raika Ferraz [pictured below].

This however is not the first time that the contests was held but this was the first time that a free sex change was offered to the winner. This stirred a lot of controversy in Brazil because of the fact the process of actually changing your gender is illegal. The law didn't stop them from giving it away though. The process won't be done in Brazil but in a hospital in Bangcock Bangkok so the Brazilian authorities won't be able to actually arrest anyone in particular just yet. 

"We did not directly offer transgender surgery as a prize. We presented the award as a gift voucher with the option for the winner to do what they want with the money in Thailand. It will be entirely up to them," says the President of ASTRA, Marjorie Marchi to the Daily Mail.

This is a really tough pill to swallow. The level of controversy in this story is too DAMN HIGH!! The LGBT community has been gaining lots of traction in most societies lately so this might actually be a good thing for LGBT activists. But on the other hand, it's a kick in the nuts to traditionalists and conservative thinkers. I'm not going to take sides on this very delicate topic but what I will do is tell you that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.