WEIRD: Teacher Finds Human Fetus In Classroom Cabinet.

Sup Travellers?! Could you remember that wonderful time when you were a fetus? Probably not, your brain was barely functioning then. But you still were a human right? [Kind of] Try to imagine how would you have felt if you were pulled out of your mama's bosom as a fetus and stuffed in a classroom cabinet? [Don't imagine it...It's a trap].

According to reports from Fox 4, a teacher at Florida's Cape Coral High School returned to his classroom at the beginning of the school year and got himself a surprise [More of a bundle of joy than a surprise]. Inside one of the cabinets was a mason jar wrapped in a paper bag and inside the jar was a human fetus [A real fetus, not the ones that you could make with Playdoh]. The 8-inch fetus, determined to be about 4 months past conception and bearing no signs of trauma, was in a formaldehyde solution and well-preserved, according to a police report.

No one yet knows where the fetus came from or who put it there but investigations are continuing. The fetus is said to be a white female and it was not there at the start of the summer vacation. The school doors were supposedly locked during the summer so the person who placed the fetus must have been an expert lock picker or an internal worker [or a zombie ghost, can't forget the possibility of a zombie ghost]. The origin of the fetus is still a mystery but what isn't a mystery is that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.