WEIRD: Strange Ailment Makes Man Drunk Without Drinking.

Sup Travellers?! Is it possible to get drunk without drinking a pinch of alcohol? Well it is apparently possibly thanks to a weird ailment that causes your gut to become a.......BAR!! The ailment is called auto-brewery syndrome and it is very rare. It is so rare that only one man has been properly known to have it and he's from Texas YEEEEHAW!! Read on.

The NPR explains a case involving a Texas man who would get drunk at random times while swearing  that he hadn't been drinking. In order to tests the man's drunk hypothesis, doctors isolated him in an alcohol free hospital room for 24 hours and, sure enough, his blood alcohol content level skyrocketed all on its own. It seems he had a lot of brewer's yeast in his gut and when he ate carb-rich foods, the yeast got busy fermenting.

"That's right, folks," writes Michaeleen Doucleff, "the man's intestinal tract was acting like his own internal brewery." NPR dug up a handful of similar cases, usually involving antibiotics that eliminated gut bacteria and allowed yeast to gain a foothold. The syndrome has only been recently "discovered" but some folks have used claims similar to auto brewery syndrome in defense against drunk driving charges. It was either educated lying or a blatant truth but atleast the courts can now accept auto-brewery syndrome as an excuse for drunk driving. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.