WEIRD: Netherlands Close Prisons Because Of Lack Of Criminals.

Sup Travellers?! While some countries are opening new prisons, some countries are closing them. And by some countries, I mean the Netherlands..... THE DUTCH!!!! There isn't any clear explanation of why the crime rate number of prisoners in the Netherlands is so low but I think some countries should really take notice. According to reports from the Huffington Post, the Netherlands is to close 8 prisons because of lack of criminals. Read on.

The Dutch Justice ministry announced that the country is to close 8 prisons because of a lack of criminals. What this statement means is that although the country has the capacity for 14,000 prisoners, there are only 12,000 detainees. This statistic is even more epic when you consider that an average of 16 million people live in the Netherlands. The decrease in crime rates is expected to continue, the ministry said, with Deputy justice minister Nebahat Albayrak saying "natural redundancy and other measures should counter any forced lay-offs." ------Whatever the hell that means.

Okay, putting all politics aside, we can all probably agree that the number of detainees in a prison isn't correlated to crime rates. I don't know what the case is for the Netherlands because I don't live there, but GENERALLY, the two aren't correlated. The low levels of detainees in a prison could simply mean that the police are doing a horrible job in catching criminals. Plain talk bad manners!! Or it could really mean that the crime rate is low. So don't go around saying that Trinikid say that the crime rate in the Netherlands is low. The report only states the number of detainees is low. What do you think about the situation in the Netherlands? I would love to know in the comment section below or on Facebook. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.