WEIRD: Free Weed Given Out For Boulder Flood Relief.

Sup Travellers?! In a time of great stress and victimization what's the best remedy? Some people might say Church, some might say family time, some might even say alcohol. But how about marijuana? Who says Marijuana? Well a flood relief organization in Colorado says that marijuana is the remedy and they are going as far giving away free weed to flood victims to back up their statement [This seems very legit. If the people are high then they will be able rise above all the flood waters and the problems associated with it in the end... SEEMS VERY LEGIT LOL].

A few days ago the town of Boulder in Colorado was ravished by flash floods that managed to take as much as 10 lives and shut down the entire state. The physical and emotional damage is very extensive and the state is currently in the phase of rebuilding. In order to help some of the folks who were affected by the floods some organizers gave out free weed yesterday to people over the age of 21 in the Boulder town. It was reported by the Denver Post that there was a long line up of people while the free weed was being distributed. No arrests were made and more than 600 joints were freely given away.

Weed is not "illegal" [So to speak] in Colorado so there was no hassle by the law enforcement of the state. The process was quick and easy. "I wish I could have gotten a bigger one because there were blunts in there," said proud recipient, Janet Osborn, 27, at the Denver event. "I got probably the smallest one. But it's OK. It's free." I don't smoke weed but I am for the legalization of the substance. Not because I support the substance but because of the fact that a large majority of crimes are drug based. Am I right? The legality of weed is indirectly proportionate to the crime rate. Weed is legal in Holland and look at Holland [Weed is legal in Holland with set limits. The country had to close 8 prisons in the past few years due to lack of criminals. You can read that article here]. This is just my opinion of course but it is a fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.