WEIRD: Billionaire Buys $500k Bentley To Bury In His Garden.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever been so rich that you just decide to buy a US$500k Bentley to just bury in a garden? That's some real controversial crap if you ask me. Who the hell buries a Bentley? Actually I have the answer to that question.... Filthy rich Brazilian billionaires do. Filthy rich Brazilian billionaires named Count Scarpa if you want to go into specifics and yes, that's his name. Count Chiquinho Scapa.

But the man had a reason for burying his beloved treasure of a vehicle. He didn't just wake up in the morning and decide to bury a $500k Bentley. Of course not, that would be crazy. Scarpa's decision was inspired by the gods.

The Daily Mail Uk reports that Brazilian billionaire, Count Scarpa buried his $500,000 Bentley in order to retain his riches for the afterlife. He considers his Bentley to be his prized possession. In a bizarre announcement on his Facebook page the 62-year-old declared that he plans to do as the Pharaohs of Egypt did and take his riches with him when he dies by burying them. He plans on driving the Bentley in the afterlife. He came up with the plan while he was watching a programme on Ancient Egypt.

You can tell, even by his name, that this man is very "serious" about life. You can definitely tell by his pink tie that he means business. 

I watched the film of the pharaohs and after seeing how they were buried with their treasures I decided that I wanted to copy them and bury my most precious item, which is my car,”  Count Scarpa said on Social Media last year.
Egyptian culture is very sacred and is treasured deeply so I'm in no way bashing his actions. If the man feels to bury his half a million dollar Bentley then that's his loss not anyone else's. Even though I would love to have a Bentley parked in my driveway right now, I digress. Maybe if I get myself a Bentley I may feed it to the worms as well.... OR MAYBE NOT!! If I get a Bentley I'll bury myself in it. But that's just me of course. Anyway my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.