TRINIDAD: Wayne Kublalsingh Gets Fired.

Sup Travellers?! Wayne Kublalsingh of Trinidad and Tobago was the talk of the town a few months aback. He was somewhat of a celebrity, and still is...Kind of. He is very well known for his public display of protest against the government's highway plans by means of a hunger strike, among others. I'm not going to go into any details about that because that's old news. But it seems as though Mr. Kublalsingh's actions in November had some implications and consequences that he didn't foresee. Wayne Kublalsingh was fired as a lecturer at the University of the West indies (UWI) St. Augustine.

I am a student of the University of the West indies and I have never seen Wayne Kublalsingh. Not once in my two years there. You would think that he would have been in the cafeteria a lot. But anyway, Kublalsingh was told last Friday that his contract was not being renewed, on the basis that, among other issues, he poses a “risk” to the security of students on campus. This was according to the Trinidad Express. Kublalsingh was a lecturer at UWI for 16 years where he taught, "Introduction to Poetry." I didn't even know that "Introduction to Poetry" was a course in UWI.

UWI principal Professor Clement Sankat said Kublalsingh’s part-time tenure was being reviewed since last November, when he staged a 21-day hunger strike outside the PM’s office. "Changes took place.” Sankat said in a telephone interview. “We had to make some changes whilst he was fasting. And that was the responsibility of the department. We had to get on with the students’ work, students had to be taught.” Kublalsingh said he was saddened by the turn of events but had only fond memories and no hard feelings for the UWI. 

I personally don't see Kublalsingh's presence as a security issue on campus but I guess the officials know something that I don't. At least now he can dedicate all his time to the Highway Re-Route Movement (HRM). Now he can be more of a nuisance to the Prime Minister and get her to do more for the people especially since elections are nearing. 2015 to be exact. But hear this, let me not get into any political talk right now. But what I am going to say is, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. like u need to take that intro to poetry course because you cant spell... taught not should not condemn other people's choice on courses just because their passion is not your passion.

  2. What are you talking about? I never condemned any course. I just said I never heard of it......


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