TRINIDAD: Trini Woman Shot Dead In New York.

Sup Travellers?! Sometimes there are is just no escaping your own life. Sometimes! There are all always exceptions to that, however, a 44 year old Trini woman named Sellis Gonzales couldn't have been that exception. In an attempt to escape her abusive relationship, Gonzales migrated to New York with her two children. Her attempt however seemed futile after she was found by her estranged lover in Brooklyn and shot dead.

According to reports from the New York Daily News, the two daughters of Sellis [pictured above with their grandparents] arrived home Wednesday night to find their mother lying in a pool of blood near the front door in their Chauncey St. apartment. She had been shot three times in the head and midsection police sources say.

Sellis was said to have moved to Brownsville, Brooklyn from Trinidad when she was 31 because of her abusive relationship(s). Kirt Gonzales, Sellis's brother, said, "My sister’s second baby’s father used to also abuse her and when I found out I immediately told her to pack her bags and I sent a ticket for her. I wanted her out of that situation. I wanted her to have a better life and to get away from the abuse,

I guess it was just a matter of dating the wrong guy. My mom and I spoke to my sister many, many times,” Gonzales said. “She wanted to let go but she couldn’t. I think it’s really a matter of women having respect for themselves and to demand that respect from the person they are with.” Despite the abuse he never thought his sister would be killed. “I mean she was shot six times. I thought it would be a black-and-blue eye but I never thought she would be killed. I was not expecting death,” he added.

I could only imagine how scared scarred the two girls are after seeing their mother in that pool of blood. Not everyone could handle that kind of trauma especially at such young age. Khadija, the first daughter of Sellis is 15 and Alyssa, the second, is 5. I really hope that the family really shelters the two girls and ensure that they don't do anything stupid in the heat of the moment. Sellis's brother, Kirt, intends to apply for legal custody of his nieces. Let's just hope for the best for those two Trini girls. My thoughts are with them and the rest of the family that were affected by the tragic turn of events. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Thank dude for the info I always read you post. Great job

  2. It is shocking that a man can pursue and kill a woman just out of some completely stupid belief that he has the right to own her. The comments of the brother about his sister's choice of men and the fact that he expected her to be 'black and blue' but not dead, is in some ways accepting that his sister was in part to blame. No mention of the fact that (presumably) this man left his baby mother's body for his child to find. Completely uncaring, selfish and misogynist. I hope he gets life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.


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