TRINIDAD: Police And Beetham Residents Clash In An Epic Standoff.

Sup Travellers?! Yesterday was a very busy day for the police at the Beetham headquarters. According to reports from the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, parts of the Priority Bus Route (PBR) and the Beetham Highway alongside the Beetham Gardens were yesterday blocked by debris dumped by persons protesting alleged "heavy-handedness" by the police after a man was reportedly shot in the area. Read on.

The video above shows a lot of what happened so you can check that out. Apparently, the residents of Beetham decided to cause a huge riot and started throwing clutters of rubbish across the Beetham highway. But the rubbish was later removed and piled up at Phases Four and Five of Beetham Gardens. There was also a pile up of burning rubbish along Phases Two and Three. Some of the residents were hanging around as the police came and it was then the standoff began. In the midst of all the chaos, two children got hurt by missiles that were thrown at passing vehicles. The children reportedly suffered a cut to the face and splinters of shattered glass in their eyes after their vehicle was hit by a stone.

A few more people have been reportedly hurt in the incident. The residents claim that the police had shot and wounded a man in the process whom they then took away. A report says that the man is in the hospital in critical condition. In the report, one resident accused the police of shooting recklessly in their exercise to apprehend the wounded suspect.

Now, I know that this is probably a lot to take take in. The whole thing was basically a little squabble that the people of Beetham Gardens had with the Police after their "heavy handedness" in dealing with the people. The people felt that the police were too rough on them so they protested. My question is, who's right and who's wrong? The people were protesting for their rights while the police were trying to remove the problem. The both parties used force in their approach. So are they both wrong? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Ppl can protest but is it ok to break the law to do so? The TTPS has been very tolerant of the illegal protests all over the country but when other ppl lives are endangered then something must be done. And what rights were they protesting about?? Why don't they protest when 16 year olds were being killed? Their own, living right there? Ppl choose to be lawless and expect no repercussions?


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