SAD: Teen Shot Dead In A Prank That Went Horribly Wrong.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever decided to play a prank on someone? We've all done that at probably some time in our life. Here's another question? Have you ever been shot dead while attempting to prank someone? Well if you're reading this then I would believe that that has never happened to you. Unless you're a ghost or a Zombie. A Colorado teen wasn't so lucky though. She was shot dead while attempting a prank. Read on.

According to reports from CNN An 18-year-old Colorado woman who tried to surprise a friend was shot dead by the startled man, police say. Premila Lal had apparently sneaked into the house where 21-year-old Nerrek Galley was staying and jumped out of a closet Friday night. When she jumped out the closet, it startled Galley and he shot her. The man was a family friend of Lal. Two witnesses, including Lal's 15-year-old brother, were present, and police say her death was "unintended and extremely tragic."

Galley is currently being held on charges including reckless endangerment, but Lal's father says he feels no anger toward the man. "We lost a daughter, so we don’t want anybody else to lose their son, you know, especially when it was an accident,"

Should Galley be jailed? He probably should, even though he had no intentions of killing his friend. He was just startled and attacked out of pure survival instincts. Lal's father doesn't blame Galley and so do I but shooting someone is still a crime and he should be arrested. However, maybe he will get proven innocent in court the same way George Zimmerman got proven innocent for killing Trayvon. Eventhough the two killings are completely different, i'm just trying to prove a point. THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS WHACK!!  What do you think about this? I would love to know. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Your view is stupid, you're trying to be on both sides which is pointless. it's either he's jailed or not. and i don't think the reason for jailing him {because he killed someone} overpowers the reason why he did it. just my opinion :)

  2. I agree as well with the person who commented. The girl had no right to be in his property. It is his right to defend his life and his property. She could have very well been a murderer in the closet so the man who was quick thinking acted very quickly and sensibly. He is not wrong.

  3. Taking into consideration the high rise in crime throughout the Caribbean pranks like this one is very dangerous to play on someone.
    I pray that the firearm was license if not it will be very sad for him.

  4. The law in the US states that a gun does not need a license. If it is stolen then your in trouble but a license is not required for a gun, not yet. As far as other countries don't know

  5. Why should he be jailed She was on his property without his knowledge. He acted on pure instinct. It was an accident ,, and he should not be made to pay. Playing a prank like this on a friend with firearm, was definitely not the wisest thing

  6. Its a sad day for being playful when you get shot for it.


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