SAD: Teen Abducted During Home Invasion.

Sup Travellers?! Let's play pretend for a second. Pretend that you are a bandit and you go into a house to steal some valuable items. What will you do if the house that you attempt to burglarize had nothing of value to you? Some bandits might leave, some might just decide to take a little snack, some might even just take a sh*t and leave. But guess what a bandit in Georgia did today? It was none of the above. Read on.

According to reports from the Atlanta Journal, two men broke into a Clayton County home around 2:15am today looking for money and jewelry. When the mother living there didn't have anything to turn over to them, they shot the family dog and took off with 14 year old Ayvani Hope Perez. The demands made by the bandits were that the family had to cough up $10,000 in order to see the 14 year old again. Money that the family didn't have. Perez is just 4-foot-9 and 93 pounds, and was last seen wearing Star Wars and superhero pajamas. "We are extremely concerned, because if anybody could hurt a puppy just like this, what else could they do," a police officer says. "We are very concerned."

This evening, more than 150 people gathered in a circle and held hands in prayer at the candle-light vigil at Dutchtown High School in Hampton. Many teens that were holding posters with Ayvani’s name and pictures of them with her, were her class mates from Dutchtown Middle School. The police are currently on a desperate search for the teen and let's hope that their find her one peace. If the police can't find her then the family may have to just pay the ransom. Godspeed!!! My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.