SAD: 1 Year Old Boy Shot In The Head In The Middle Of The Street.

Sup Travellers?! We all know that the world is full of evil people. That's just something that we all have just grown to accept now. We can all do a part to lessen it to an extent but you can't stop it generally. Well at least right now. I can't predict the future. Anyway, according to latest reports coming out of New York, a 1 year old Brooklyn boy was shot in the head. The bullet was allegedly a stray bullet that was intended for the father of the baby. Four shots were fired and only the baby got hit. Read on.

According to reports from the New York Daily News, 1 year old Antiq Hennis was shot in his stroller as his parents pushed him across a Brooklyn street yesterday evening. Antiq was pronounced dead in the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head.  The boy's father was the intended target, police sources tell the New York Daily News. A relative said that Antiq’s parents, who hail from Trinidad, celebrated their son’s first birthday in May. He said it was the father, who has a record of more than 20 arrests, who was in the gunman’s crosshairs.

A witness who heard the shots and saw a man running away says the father was distraught after the shooting. "He was screaming his baby got shot. He was going crazy," she says. "The baby was breathing, but his eyes were closed. It’s crazy. They just will start shooting."

Okay, so the baby wasn't the target but that doesn't make the crime any less inhumane. The exact reason why the gunman wanted the father of Antiq has yet to be revealed so i'm not going speculate anything at the moment. It could be anything from drugs to a woman but as I said, i'm not going to speculate. RIP Antiq Hennis and I hope that justice is served for the family of the little one. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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