ENTERTAINMENT: Miley Cyrus Drops Music Video For Her Song, Wrecking Ball.

Sup Travellers?! For the past few days Miley cyrus has been the most trending woman in the world. So what a time for her to drop a new music video. The music video has only been out for six hours now and it already has 2.4 million hits. Miley Cyrus might actually break a YouTube record for the most hits in a day. That title is currently held by One Direction for their song, Best Song Ever with 12.3 million hits. But here's the thing. The title was held by Miley Cyrus when she dropped her music video for We Can't Stop but One Direction then stole it from her. Yeah, that's actually a thing. Let's see if Miley's new music video can help her reclaim her title.

Miley actually said on Twitter that she was coming to break One Direction's record. She said yesterday on Twitter, "I know I know WCS record was beat so lets break THAT record." I actually want Miley Cyrus to break the record actually. Wrecking Ball is an amazing song. Putting all bias and prior disposition aside, it's actually an amazing song. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.