ENTERTAINMENT: Katy Perry Drops The Music Video For Her New Song, Roar.

Sup Travellers?! Any Katy Perry fans in the house? Well i'd think that if you are reading this then you are a fan in some form or fashion. I'm also a fan of Katy Perry but not really for her music. She does have good music but I think that Katy Perry is one really good looking woman and i'm a fan of that. At least with Make up on of course... LOL. But anyway, enough about that, let's talk about the video. I would assume that you've probably pressed play already but if you haven't then I guess I should say that it is an amazing video and you should watch it like right now.

The video is pretty chill. When I listened to the song I would have never pictured the video to be in a jungle setting but it was the best theme for the video. I guess saying the word, "Tiger" in a song automatically makes it either a jungle song or a jogging video. I really don't have anything else to say about this video right now so i'm just trying to pick up some space at this point. I'll just shut up now while you enjoy the song and music video. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.