ENTERTAINMENT: Justin Bieber Playing Robin In The New Batman And Superman Movie? Really?

Sup Travellers?! Do you remember that piece of casting news about the upcoming Batman and Superman flick? The news about Ben Affleck playing Batman? Well a lot of hardcore Batman fans weren't happy with the selection. However, it looks like a new piece of casting news is about to make even a bigger stir. The famed Justin Bieber is rumored to be playing.....Robin. I call bullsh*t? Read on.

The details about Justin Bieber's position in the upcoming Batman and Superman is very questionable. The pop sensation posted a picture on his OFFICIAL instagram with his name on the script for the superhero flick. Justin also captioned the pic with #robin. This caused a huge stir from moviegoers all around the world. Now with that being said, is Justin Bieber really playing Robin and should we all be worried?

Well, according to sources close to the production, the singer is NOT playing Robin, or even involved in the film in any way! The script Justin showed off isn't even authentic. So what's the script for? The script was just promotion for Justin's upcoming role in a Funny Or Die sketch which will be a spoof of the movie. So here's the fact. Justin Bieber will not be playing Robin in the upcoming Batman and Superman crossover film. What the hell would have qualified him to play Robin anyway? Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the only ideal person to play Robin at the moment especially after the Dark Knight Rises. That's a fact!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.