ENTERTAINMENT: Drake Drops Very Movie Like Music Video For His Song, Hold On We're Going Home.

Sup Travellers?! Drake dropped an epic new music video yesterday for his song, Hold on we're going home. The song itself is amazing but the video just made it even better especially with the very cinematic feel that it conveyed. The song is very R&B so you might have expected some of that Chris Brown or Ne-yo kind of dancing but one thing we've all learned over the years about Drake is that he can't dance for sh*t. The music video was still pretty cool though. It seems as though Drake adopted J Cole's way of doing a music video. Did you see J Cole's music video for Crooked Smile? It was more cinematic than anything and I think that it is a really good way to go about doing music videos. But only for very deep and emotional songs though. It won't be as effective in hype songs. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.