CELEBS: Ben Affleck Responds To The Batman Backlash.

Sup Travellers?! Ben Affleck is Batman!! You know that already right? Well he is, but a lot of Batman fans weren't happy with the selection. I myself wasn't happy with the selection because of his poor performance in Daredevil but I really hope that he grew since then. I hope that he grew as an actor, because playing Batman is probably one of the biggest roles in Hollywood. Is he ready for it? Well he thinks he is, and so does Jimmy Fallon. "I'm a big boy. I could handle the Emmy's snub, I can handle anything," Ben Affleck joked during his interview with Jimmy Fallon, "I handle sh*t. I'm very tough." We can only hope so. Man of Steel 2 is slated to release in July 2015. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.