CELEBS: Prince Pays $500K For 15 Minutes With Kristen Stewart.

Sup Travellers?! If you were filthy rich, would you spend $500K for 15 minutes with Kristen Stewart? Well some people would have done that if there was any form of sex involved. But would you pay $500K to just sit and have a conversation with Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes? Well I wouldn't. Why the hell would I do that? Kristen Stewart is nice but $500K for 15 minutes of her time is not worth it. 15 MINUTES!! Maybe the Prince had a really good reason? Maybe, let's see. Read on.

According to the Vulture, a Middle Eastern prince paid $500,000 to talk with Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes. The Prince, however, didn't only promise to sit and talk with Kristen Stewart. It seems the prince offered to make a generous contribution to the film by the Weinstein Company about the Hurricane Sandy relief concert if Stewart would chat with him. Harvery Weinstein, the owner of the company that made the film, desperately convinced Kristen to take the offer. "How much?" Stewart asked, in Weinstein's telling of the story. Weinstein went back to the prince, got a number, and then manged to get the Prince to offer half a million which the prince gave him upfront, in cash. "And Kristen sits with the guy for 15 minutes," Weinstein says. Easy Money!!!

Okay, okay, I digress. The Prince did something noble and charitable in return for something small. Let's just consider the Prince's actions as a charitable one. He promised to give generously to the film and in return he got 15 minutes with Kristen Stewart. Seems legit. I'm just surprised that out of all the things he could have asked for he asked for 15 minutes with Kristen Stewart. I have nothing against Kristen Stewart, I think she's gorgeous but............. I guess the Prince was a Twilight fan. I wonder which team he was on? Team Edward or Team Jacob? That doesn't matter. What does matter is that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.