CELEBS: Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Have Broken Up. Check Out Liam's New Lady Friend.

Sup Travellers?! The whole world cringed a bit when Miley Cyrus performed half naked at the VMAS. Much of the little respect that some people had for her disintegrated just as fast as it took for her to be VEVO Certified... Probably even faster. The girl is a hot twerking mess and Liam Hemsworth, her former fiance, couldn't take it anymore. Liam and Miley officially ended their relationship and their engagement but Liam, the brother of Chris Hemsqworth (Thor), has found himself a new mistress to do his bidding. A fine Mexican woman.

I applaud Liam Hemsworth for sticking around with Miley so long, but celebrity analysts probably saw their break up from a mile away. It was inevitable. But Liam didn't manage to stay single for very long. Just one day after he and Miley Cyrus confirmed their breakup Liam was found locking lips with Eiza González (The woman in the photo above). González is the 23-year-old Mexican singer-actress Hemsworth had been spotted with at a Las Vegas nightclub Sunday.

Sources tell E! Hemsworth and González just met, maybe even in Vegas. "They were there separately," says one. "She was there with some friends." She just broke up with her boyfriend of two years earlier this summer, and has only been living in LA a couple weeks. Oddly, she played a very Hannah Montana-esque character in a 2010 telenovela produced by Nickelodeon Latin America, playing a rock star who has to keep her fame a secret, E! notes.

I think that Eiza is fine as hell, not only because we share a similar last name but also because.........SHE IS FINE AS HELL. I'm not going to make any comments comparing her to Miley Cyrus, but I am going to say that if I had a choice between Eiza and Miley, i'd probably go with the one that is more mentally stable. So big up to Liam and I hope his new girlfriend doesn't turn out to be a pile of twerk. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.