WEIRD: Swan Gets Arrested In Egypt After Accused Of Being A Spy.

Sup Travellers?! If you know anything about Egypt right now you'll know that things aren't looking too good over there. But right now the Egyptian authorities are dealing with a case that seems to be ruffling feathers and it has nothing to do with Quack cocaine. According to the latest reports coming out of Egypt, a Swan was arrested after being accused of being a Spy. Read on.

According to reports from ABC News Egyptian authorities have arrested a swan that a citizen suspected of being a spy. Officials say a man brought the suspected spy to a police station yesterday in the Qena governorate, some 280 miles southeast of Cairo. Officials say the man suspected the bird was an undercover agent because it carried an electronic device. The head of security in Qena says that officials examined the bird and the device, finding that it was neither an explosive nor a spying device. It was most likely a wildlife tracker, he says.

But this wasn't the only time an animal was suspected of being a spy. Earlier this year, a security guard filed a police report after capturing a pigeon he said carried microfilm and was spying on him.

The story isn't as crazy as it sounds though. A lot of turmoil is going on in Egypt and citizens are taking every precaution to ensure that they are safe. It may sound funny for the police to arrest a Swan but what if someone had attached a bomb to it? It wouldn't have been so funny now would it? Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.