WEIRD: The Oldest Person Alive Has Been Found.

Sup Travellers?! The oldest person alive according to the Guinness book of world records is a Japanese woman named Misao Okawa who is 115 years old. But according to public records from Bolivia, Misao still has a long way to go be the oldest person alive. Bolivia claims that they have had the oldest person alive for years now and his name is Carmelo Flores Laura. Read on.

Bolivia's public records states that Carmelo Flores Laura is the oldest person alive at the age of 123. The native Aymara lives in a straw-roofed dirt-floor hut in an isolated hamlet near Lake Titicaca at 13,100 feet; he's illiterate, speaks no Spanish, and has no teeth. He walks without a cane and doesn't wear glasses but his hearing is a little poor but he can still hear after 123 years. "I should be about 100 years old or more," he tells AP journalists. His memory is also poor. How did Carmelo live so long, well he said, "I walk a lot, that's all. I go out with the animals, I don't eat noodles or rice, only barley."

So I guess miss Misao from Japan is going to have to settle for second place now. A rep for the Guinness book of world records states that they were unaware of the claim being filed for the Bolivian. So are they going to add him to the next issue? Probably. The director of Bolivia's civil registrar, Eugenio Condori, showed the AP the registry that lists Flores' birthdate as July 16, 1890.

Congratulations to the Bolivian for his ability to acquire the title as oldest man alive. How much more years does he have in his arsenal? I don't know but it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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