VIDEO: Emily Carter Thinks That Your Girlfriend Is A C*NT. {EXPLICIT}

Sup Travellers?! YouTube is a really weird place but we all love it. It's amazing the kind of videos that get posted on there on a daily basis. A video that I saw most recently had me not only laughing but feeling sorry for a guy named Jon and his girlfriend. A girl by the name of Emily Carter wrote a song called, "Your Girlfriend is a c*nt." The song was directed to a guy named Jon and his girlfriend.

Emily's hate for Jon's girlfriend then went viral. I wonder how Jon and his girlfriend are feeling now? Well probably not to good. Here are a few words from the song, "she's as false as Santa Claus and just as fat in treating you well, y'know, she surely lacks cheating on you, bitching at you night and day it's a wonder that she hasn't made you gay your girlfriend is a c*nt x2"