SAD: Father Stabs His Own Daughter With A Medieval Sword.

Sup Travellers?! Back in the days of the Spartan empire stabbing someone was a very epic thing to do and so was kicking folks down wells. But nowadays, stabbing someone is considered a crime punishable by jail time or even death depending on the severity. This is exactly why Juan Javier Lovine from Florida was arrested. He stabbed his daughter with a sword. Read on.

According to Florida police, Juan Javier Lovine and his daughter became involved in a domestic dispute that escalated into violence after he allegedly pushed her against a wall. Cops say the woman punched her father in the face 'in self defence." St. Cloud police Sgt. Denise Roberts told the Orlando Sentinel that Lovine then "stabbed [his daughter] in the right forearm and chest with a 5-foot-long sword." WESH reported that the blade went through the woman's arm and "penetrated her chest."

Police charged Lovine with attempted felony murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. He is being held without bond at Osceola County Jail. His daughter, whose name has not been released, was listed in stable condition at an area hospital, and is expected to recover.

Someone get this guy an award. An award for the worst father of the year. Wait. I've seen worst than this. At least he didn't kill her or it would have been a totally different story. But to be honest, when last did someone get killed by a sword? That's some ancient stuff right there. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.