SAD: 6 Dead After Volcano Erupts In Indonesia.

Sup Travellers?! You know Indonesia right? The archipelago that consists of about 17,508 little islands? Have you heard of it? Most likely you have and I don't know why i'm asking that question. But as most of you all may know, an archipelago is usually well known for Volcanoes. The Caribbean is an archipelago and there are a few volcanic islands so it's no surprise if a volcano decides to erupt once in a while somewhere on an archipelago. Read on.

According to reports from Fox News, Mount Rokatenda, a volcano on the tiny island of Palue in Indonesia erupted today killing at least 6 people. The eruption blasted ash and smoke more than 6,500 feet in the air and sent lava gushing. Authorities have evacuated about 3,000 people, which would amount to nearly half the island's population. The volcano had been on "high alert" since October, with activities banned in about a 2-mile radius from its crater. 5 of the victims, including 2 children, were within that zone when they were killed.

You can easily put the blame for the 5 of the 6 people who died on the 5 people themselves because they weren't suppose to be there. But maybe those folks didn't get the memo. Maybe they didn't have a television or radio and couldn't read. Or maybe they knew about it and just decided to do their own thing. We don't know, but what we do know is that they are now dead. Two children were among the dead so i'd assume that it was probably a family. I'm not really sure if the 6th person was within range of the eruption though. AFP reported that 5 people died while AP reported that 6 people died but I usually go with AP so... yeah. At least the volcano killed only 6 people and not 350 people like the eruption of Mount Merapi in central Java back in 2010. Anyway, hope that they all rest in peace, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.