Entertainment: What could Season 3 hold for the cast of Girls?

First premiered in April 2012, New York based comedy Girls has quickly proven itself to be one of the best shows that HBO has created in years and the announcement of a third series has caused quite a flutter in the legion of dedicated fans. 

Set in Greenpoint, Brooklyn the series focuses on the ups and downs in the life of aspiring writer Hannah Horvath and her group of friends. It’s funny and insightful script has won hearts around the world, so what is in store for the guys and girls as they had back onto our screens for Season 3?

The teaser
In order to get the fans in the mood for the new series of Girls, HBO released a teaser video comprising of Instagram style photos of the upcoming episodes. And though this does help to cement the show’s reputation as on of the most hipster-esque on TV, it doesn’t actually tell us a lot about what Hannah, Alison, Adam et al will be getting up to in Season 3. 

What it does tell us is that there will be a trip to the beach. There’ll probably be a party and that that most of the cast that you loved from Season 2 will be back to play their parts in the upcoming episodes. 

Hannah and Adam
Adam and Hannah have had their ups and downs, and opinion is probably split as to whether you want to see them reunited or not. All we know from the teaser is that they hug, and Hannah is smiling as they do so. But apart from that who knows? 

Who’s back?
Hannah’s ex-boyfriend and former flatmate Elijah (who was kicked out of the apartment after Hannah found out about his encounter with Marnie) appears in some of the stills for Series 3. 

He is played by the Andrew Rannells who’s show The New Normal was cancelled after one series, leaving the actor free to return to Girls for the new season.

Who’s new?
Actress felicity Jones (star of The Amazing Spider-man 2) and Michael Zegen from The Broadwalk Empire will both be joining the existing cast, as well as a few other familiar and not so familiar faces – so keep your eyes peeled for the new arrivals!

The third series of Girls will probably air in 2014, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on all the action you’ve missed.