ENTERTAINMENT: Katy Perry's New Song "Roar" Gets Leaked Online. Listen To It Here.

Sup Travellers?! Any fans of Katy Perry in the house? I would assume so because Katy Perry is currently the most followed woman on Twitter. The title was once held by Lady Gaga but after Lady Gaga's little inactive period, Katy Perry took her over. Anyway, Katy Perry was apparently prepping all her fans for the release of her new song on August 12th on iTunes but things got bittersweet as the song got leaked online. That doesn't only mean that she's going to lose a lot of sales but it also means that the whole world is getting to listen to her song two days before it's official release.

Even though we all know that this leak isn't going to affect Katy Perry in any way it's still a bit unfair though. It's obvious that she worked hard on the song but music leaks isn't really a new thing. Music and albums get leaked all the time. Kanye West's entire Yeezus album got leaked online days before it's official release but leaks naturally don't affect big artistes too much. A lot of people still bought Kanye's album and i'm sure a lot of people are still going to buy Katy Perry's song for $1.29 on iTunes. Katy Perry's new album "Prism" is set for release on October 22nd. Are you going to buy it? Hopefully her album doesn't get leaked but if it does it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.