CELEBS: Usher’s Son Usher Raymond V Hospitalized After Pool Accident.

Sup Travellers?! Usher has not been doing very well when it comes to his children and water. Last year Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond’s 11-year-old son died in a jet ski accident on Lake Lanier. That was really tragic news for him and the world and on Monday Usher almost lost another one of his children according to TMZ. He's currently in the ICU. Read on.

According to TMZ, Usher’s son Usher Raymond V is currently hospitalized in an Atlanta hospital ICU after a pool accident which took place at Usher’s mansion on Monday afternoon at approximately 6 p.m. “The child was playing in the pool with his aunt and saw a toy in the drain. He dove down to get the toy and his arm got stuck in the drain. The aunt immediately dove in to rescue him but couldn't get his hand out. The maid then dove in and tried but was also unsuccessful.” However he was eventually rescued by two men who were working at the mansion. He was given CPR and rushed to the hospital. The doctors say that he'll be okay.

Imagine how awful this would have been for Usher if he had lost another one of his children. No amount of money in the world can bring someone back to life.  But thank God that young Usher is alive and that he's going to be okay. 5-year-old Usher Raymond V is the oldest of Usher's two sons with ex-wife Tameka Raymond. Usher and Tameka are currently at the hospital with their son. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.