CELEBS: That 70's Show Star Lisa Robin Kelly Dies.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever seen That '70's Show? A lot of people have. It was one of the most popular shows on TV at a point in time. It was the show that started Ashton Kutcher's career and now Ashton Kutcher is a blossoming actor from his role in the show. But some of his cast mates didn't see the same success especially Lisa Robin Kelly who played Eric Forman's sister Laurie. She died today. Read on.

TMZ reported that the 43 year old Lisa Robin Kelly went into cardiac arrest last night at the California Rehab Facility and never recovered. "She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle," her agent said. Her most detrimental demons were her addiction to alcohol. She was sent to rehab to try to deal with her drinking problem. She was also facing domestic problems with her husband who assaulted her in May to get residual money from That '70s Show. Convicted of domestic battery, he served 35 days in jail and was sentenced to 3 years' probation.

Her new boyfriend took her into rehab because he realized that she had a problem and he blames her ex for her drinking problems. Sources say first respondents found needle marks in her arms, but Kelly's BF says nurses made those Sunday when he took her to a hospital for boozing—with a .34 blood alcohol level. Kelly was arrested about four times before her death  She was arrested for assault, spousal abuse, and DUI.

Kelly wasn't a super famous actor but she was famous for her role in That '70's Show. That's basically all she's known for but it's sad nevertheless. I'm not sure if alcohol addiction was the only reason for her death but it definitely played a part in the whole conundrum. It could have just been a natural heart attack that was worsened by her alcohol intake. RIP Laurie!! Anyway my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.