CELEBS: Miley Cyrus's Management Freaks Out After Her Performance At The VMAS.

Sup Travellers?! Did you watch the VMAS last night? Well if you did, i'm sure that Miley Cyrus caught your attention. She caught mine and definitely not in a good way. Not in a good way at all. She went on the stage half naked and started twerking around crazy looking pedo teddy bears. Miley Cyrus can sing well but her voice sounded tired and drawn out last night as though she had a bit too much to drink. She didn't have to do it. She's beautiful and she's talented she doesn't have to twerk half naked to get attention. Read on.

Miley's performance was ridiculed by a lot of people and her Management team are freaking out. Disney didn't have anything to say about it because Disney kicked her out long time. But her current management according to sources thinks that her performance was a bit too much. 

A source spilled: "Miley's team is freaking about that performance. They saw the rehearsals, but those were really played down compared to the live performance."

Miley's management is obviously not going to fire her. She's one of their biggest money makers but I think that they should all sit down, get a towel, get some holy water and do some exorcises. People like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj can perform like that and get away with it because they know how to do it with some level of poise and art. I have no idea what Miley Cyrus did. That was not poised and that was not art. But that's just my opinion of course. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. My thoughts exactly. It isn't about who she is or her past. It just didn't look good.Comparing her to all those singers and performers who know what they're doing is wrong. They know whats appealing and sexy and how to portray that. Miley looked like she was stoned and throwing some sort of tantrum.

  2. trinikid...Your managment team cannot fire you. i think it works the other way around. Just saying.

  3. If you listen to the song you will get why she acted that way. its all an act, its a show. being half naked on the stage is not the problem cause it has been done many times before. Listen to the song..

  4. i really dont see the big fuss over what Miley cyrus did at the VMAs. All I see is a girl trying to dance and she is bad at it....trying to be sexy and she is bad at that too and she practically is makin a mockery of the other celebs such s rihanna,gaga,beyonce which she may say she was tryin to be funny. It was short so no big deal to me. She only make herself look ugly with the tongue out thing and maybe she doing it to get attention coz she says she hates the industry.


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