CELEBS: Jim Jannard, Founder of Oakley stops by OakleyForum.com

Jim Jannard founded Oakley Sunglasses Inc. in 1975 out of his garage. Under his control he grew the company from nothing to over $2 billion! In 2007, Jannard sold Oakley to the largest sunglasses conglomerate in the world, Luxottica.

Since then Jannard has developed his own cinematography company, but his love of Oakley has never died. Recently, Jannard surfaced on OakleyForum.com and began interacting with the collectors who adored the brand he built.

Soon after joining, a Q&A thread sprouted, and before we knew it, the world had gained an all access pass into the insight of a sunglasses legend. Below are some of our favorite snippets from the thread:
On the making of Ti eyewear:

“There were no factories doing what we wanted... so we bought a golf club casting company in Nevada and converted it to manufacturing Ti eyewear. Carlos was the single person that most contributed to this effort.
We were told by many that what we wanted to do was impossible. The idea of casting long and narrow parts (like the ear stems) was next to impossible. We ignored the warnings.

The next thing we had to contend with was making rigid pieces and putting them together in a flexible package. We used unobtanium "glue" to put everything together. This was one of the most difficult and wonderful programs ever done at Oakley.”

Q: Jim, In what ways are you still involved with Oakley?

A: “Oakley is my business daughter. After 32 years she met and married an Italian guy[Luxottica]. Apparently, looking at the stock price, he is taking really good care of her.

I also have another business daughter named RED. Being a seven year old, she obviously needs more of my attention while she is growing up. But I love both of my business daughters very much.”

On what pair Mr. Jannard wears on a daily basis:

“…I wear a pair of prototype Pit Boss that are polished black and very dark Ti (not the same as production) with black iridium lenses. They are also unique because they have a "squished O" logo instead of the "Diamond O" that production uses. I have worn these everyday since I got them in my hands.”

These are just a small snippet of the amazing insight Jim Jannard has given us into his mind. For the entire thread feel free to hit the link below:

OakleyForum.com has become the largest message board dedicated to Oakley products and to see the founder of the entire company, Mr. Jim Jannard, stop by truly is a testament to the entire community and how much they have accomplished on the site.

Whether you are just starting your Oakley collection, or trying to sort through your hundredth pair, stop by and say hi to all the collectors on the site. They are more then welcoming, and who knows you can always ask a question to the man who started it all!