WEIRD: Pregnant 11 Year Old Can't Get An Abortion In Chile.

Sup Travellers?! As soon as teen pregnancy became a norm a new trend popped up. Tween pregnancy!! Over the last couple of years tweens have been getting pregnant, but only a few of them got pregnant by their own doing. Some of them, like an 11 year old girl from Chile, were raped into it. But in that case, should the tween be allowed to get an abortion? Well according to Chile, the tween shouldn't. Read on.

An 11-year-old girl in Chile is 14 weeks pregnant, the result of two years of being raped by her mother's partner. Both the girl and the fetus are at risk of death if the pregnancy goes ahead, but in Chile, one of the most conservative countries in Latin America, abortion is prohibited, and so the pregnancy must run its course. The case has outraged many Chileans, who have taken to social media to demand leaders lift the ban for situations such as this, where a woman has been raped or her life is at risk, the AP reports.


Chile allowed abortions for medical reasons until 1973, when the practice was outlawed by Pinochet. Three bills that would have permitted abortions in cases of rape or health risks were rejected by the country's Senate last year, and the current president remains opposed to any changes. "The Chilean elite is very conservative and this has had an influence in Congress," says a Chilean political scientist. "Laws, therefore, change at a much slower pace than the rest of Chilean society. Because society is much less conservative than it was 15 or 20 years ago." One small sign of hope: There will be a presidential election in November, and one of the frontrunners, former president Michelle Bachelet, supports legalizing abortions for such cases.

There are always situations that arise where you can't really decide what is right or what is wrong. These kind of situations are often called dilemmas but I like to call them "Oh sh*t situations". Now, if the pregnancy goes ahead, it puts the 11 year old girl and the baby at risk. If it doesn't then the baby is killed and the law of the land is disobeyed. So which way is right and which way is wrong? Well whichever it is, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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