WEIRD: Parents From The US Are Going To Jail For Praying For Their Daughter.

Sup Travellers?! Do you believe in prayer? I believe in prayer and I believe that pray changes things. However, praying alone doesn't get the job done. Let's say that you pray to get a job but never show up to the interview and sleep whole day, there is a high chance that you'd probably not get the job right? Now let's say that you have a daughter and she's sick with a treatable disease. What would you do? Well I can tell you what a Wisconsin couple did. They didn't get her daughter treated medically but instead prayed.... Alone. That's all they did, nothing else. I do commend them on their faith but I don't think faith works like that. Read on.

According to reports from the Huffington Post, a Wisconsin couple is headed either to jail or the US Supreme Court after a state court upheld their homicide convictions in the faith-healing death of their daughter (See picture of daughter above). Dale and Leilani Neumann prayed over 11-year-old Madeline Neumann instead of calling a doctor as she died from easily treatable complications of diabetes in 2008. They were convicted of reckless homicide the following year, but their 180-day jail sentences were put on hold as they appealed. The state Supreme Court sided against them this morning, leaving the highest court in the land as their only remaining legal option. It's unclear whether they will appeal.

Their attorney argued they should be shielded from penalty because parents who choose spiritual treatment for their kids can't be charged with child abuse. Prosecutors said that's true, but all bets are off if the child dies. The couple also made the case that it was impossible for them to know their daughter was on the brink of death because the symptoms were vague. Yes, and that's the whole the whole point of calling a doctor in the first place, the court concluded. "If we were to adopt the parents' reasoning, no prayer-treating parent would know what point is beyond 'a substantial risk of death' until the child actually stopped breathing and died."

I try to stay away from religious topics on my blog but I strongly believe that if there is a Facebook page called foolishness, God won't like it. Madeline could have been alive today if the parents had done the wise thing and just go to the doctor to get her treatment. But should they be charged for homicide? Good question. Let me know what you think below. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. "Do you believe in pray? I believe in pray and I believe that pray changes things." The correct word is prayer in this instance. Not trying to belittle you, just letting you know of the correct term. :)


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