WEIRD: Man Jailed For Having Catastrophic Diarrhea.

Sup Travellers?! Have you ever had such bad diarrhea that the police had to arrest you for it? Well i'd hope not. However, a man from the state of Maine was arrested after his bowels failed to cooperate and bombed up a courtroom bathroom. He didn't really bomb it up in the literal sense of the word but it was definitely a disturbing scene. Please note that the content in this post is very disgusting. Read on.

A court has upheld a conviction against a man who spent a week in jail for leaving the bathroom of a federal courthouse in Maine covered in feces. The cleaner who found the mess says 75% of the floor was "covered in feces" with more "smeared more than two feet up on the walls" and "on the paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, on the toilet paper itself, and on part of the toilet seat and the left side of the toilet bowl," Salon reports. Ronald Strong, 50, claimed that he didn't spitefully create the mess but he just had to answer the call of the wild.

"I don’t know if you’ve ever spilled spaghetti sauce and there’s meat, you’re trying to get it up as quick as you can," he explained to the court. But the majority of the judges believed the extent of the mess indicated it had to have been deliberate. At least one judge sided with Strong, however, saying the scene did not necessarily sound like deliberate vandalism, citing the cleaner's description of the "smears" as "not necessarily like finger smears but just chunks—chunks and smears, pretty much, kind of like chunky peanut butter." "No rational factfinder could infer willfulness from the consistency of feces," the judge concluded.

This is a whole load of sh*t... Literally!! How bad can your diarrhea get? Well according to mister Ronald Strong, diarrhea can get really bad. I could only imagine how embarrassing this must be for him. His situation was made out all over the world. I don't think that we should laugh at him. We should feel his pain and recognize that kind of sh*t can happen to anyone of us at anytime. Diarrhea can pounce on you like a Lion on an Antelope Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


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