Unwinding Tips Straight from Hollywood

Although they travel all around the world, appear on the first pages of important magazines and make millions of dollar for just one movie, when it comes to stress, celebrities are just like any other normal human being. Especially in their line of work, with all of that tremendous pressure to always look good and deliver great performances, stress can produce serious damage. But our Hollywood celebrities are very resourceful. Here are some techniques celebrities use to get rid of stress.

1. Charlie Sheen
Famous Hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen turns to vaping whenever his feeling down. When he’s not getting himself into trouble or making the headlines of tabloids, Sheen relaxes with a nice electronic cigarette. He’s even the face of a company that produces electronic cigarettes. Now that’s a loyal vapist. If you want to relax like Charlie Sheen, go to bluaccessories.com.

2. Liv Tyler
When she’s not making blockbuster movies, Liv Tyler practically lives at the spa. She is a huge fan of traditional Korean bathhouses, where she likes to take hot springs baths and then get pampered with natural scrubs, massages. Probably that’s why Liv Tyler always looks happy and radiant. Plus, her skin is always amazing.

3. Justin Bieber
Nineteen-year old pop singer Justin Bieber likes to keep it simple whenever he feels stress accumulating. No massages and breathing techniques. Bieber relaxes with the help of his friends and watching a movie. Probably in his home theatre, but your basic LCD TV will work just as well.

4. Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has a more spiritual nature and that is why she thinks faith always provides her with the answers she needs to feel balanced. After reading about Buddhism, Miley feels she is given a clear start.

5. Halle Berry
You wouldn’t say that when looking at her, but gorgeous actress Halle Berry is a neat freak. Whenever she is pressured in making a decision or she has to deal with problems, Halle like to give her house a good clean. She is relaxed and a clear mind when all the things in her house are where they are supposed to be.

6. Clint Eastwood
Hollywood actor and producer Clint Eastwood is into flying helicopters. Everything is quiet way up in the sky and that relaxes him deeply. Talk about expensive relaxation techniques.

7. Taylor Swift
Taylor relaxes by writing songs, feeling her pain and understanding it. Good for Taylor because she makes a living out of writing and singing.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow
A glass of wine and online shopping always do the trick for Gwyneth Paltrow. When her kids are sleeping, Gwyneth likse to relax in the privacy of her own home with the help of a little therapeutic shopping.

9. Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci chooses to stay at home and catch up on her reading whenever she feels stress is kicking in. Her cute puppy also does the trick.

10. Lea Michele

Glee actress Lea Michele enjoys a good yoga session as a relaxing procedure. Makes perfect sense since yoga is all about restoring mental and spiritual balance.