TRINIDAD: Jack Warner Launches His Own Political Party.

Sup Travellers?! Jack Warner is on the move!! You can knock old Jack down but you can't knock him out!! According to latest reports coming out of Trinidad and Tobago, Jack Warner launched his very own political party. He did it in an attempt to regain his seat as the Chaguanas West MP. He also intends to become a full-fledged partner in the People’s Partnership coalition Government, but i'm sure he intends on running for Prime Minister as well. But that's just my analysis.

According to reports from the Trinidad Express, Jack Warner launched his own political party yesterday called the Independent Liberal Party (ILP). Now i'm not a big fan of the name, I think it's an awful name for a party but I love the attempt he made. Mr. Warner had a long speech yesterday in Pierre Road, Felicity where he went into detail about his plans for ILP. 

Warner said the symbol of the party was the sugarcane next to an oil rig, enshrined by two circles. “The sugarcane represents our coming together from Africa and India and conjuring up images of the struggle from slavery to indentureship from which we have been emancipated and remains a solid remainder that never again will we be enslaved physically, mentally or politically,” he said.
He said sugarcane and the oil rig represented the struggle and tears of the people of Chaguanas West. “The oil is the bloodline of our economy...and with sugarcane, the message is our history will not be forgotten,” Warner said.


Warner said the party’s colour, green, embodied ideas associated with fertility, life and growth. It was the colour of beginnings, he noted, by associating with the colour green, his supporters were demanding a society with “less crime, less corruption, less immorality and much much more integrity”. Green, he underlined, “symbolises a people who are well balanced, in harmony and are of a sound mind, and represents good judgment and morality”.

Jack Warner has been in government for ages and the country still needs a lot of improving. He was the Minister of works and transport and the minister of national security. In those positions he failed to make much of a difference. So I don't really get why he's even trying to get back into government. It's obvious that he's not performing. He should be benched until he learns how to score goals. It seems to me that political parties put all their efforts into getting elected and when elected they barely put any effort in doing what they promised. But that's just my opinion. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. Jack Warner said the people partnership is corrupted,he should know ,he was part of it for a very long time now. And now even more worse he plans to work with Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj to get rid of the people partnership, I tell you the ILP has truely sunk to a new low. Your party is weak ,it has no moral values,it is stained with corruption from the start


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