TRINIDAD: Check Out The Women That Were Shortlisted For Miss Trinidad And Tobago Universe.

Sup Travellers?! It seems as though it was just yesterday since Avionne Mark won Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe and represented us on the world stage. But it wasn't yesterday, just in case you weren't aware. It was last year. Anyway, a fresh batch of women plus a few repeaters have been shortlisted as hopefuls for the coveted title of Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe. Now i'm not going to say who I think will win or who my favorite is, but I am however going to say that Lee Ann Forbes is in there. If you don't know, Lee Ann Forbes already represented Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss World pageant 2011. So it means that she got experience in the art of pageantry.

Earlier today, a group of Judges magically appeared at the Trinidad Hilton and Conference center from their magical places to sift through a couple of ladies to short list the hopefuls. The judges were Dean Ackin, Adrian Raymond, Pixie Du Coudray, Darren Ganga, Rhiannon Pemberton and Gail Cabral. The only familiar name on the judges panel is Darren Ganga and i'm not even sure how he qualifies to be a judge but it doesn't matter.


Below are the few women that were shortlisted. The photos were sourced from the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe Facebook page. The photos were not in uploaded in any particular order.