TRINIDAD: Baby Ariel Needs Your Help.

Sup Travellers?! Do you want to help out a little baby girl in need? Well if you do, baby Ariel is your girl. Ariel is in desperate need of multiple surgeries that would give her a better chance of life. The little 16 month old from Munroe Road, Cunupia, Trinidad was born with a cleft lip and palate and bilateral talipes, or club foot, and her right leg is shorter than her left because she has no femur bone.  Due to her cleft lip she cannot drink from a bottle or nurse. She also has difficulty breathing.

According to reports from the Trinidad Express, baby Ariel Tia Ali currently needs multiple surgeries in order to get a better chance of life. Her parents require the gargantuan total of  TT$471,530 in order to afford the multiple surgeries. Ariel also has the blood disorder anaemia, fluid in her ear and congenital heart disease ASD (atrial septic defect). The family has to purchase Ventolin at about $100 a bottle, and saline drips, which is $15 for 10 millilitres; Ariel has to take three millilitres every two hours. The family was advised that the surgeries cannot be done locally, but she requires immediate treatment or else things may not end well for her and her family.


It's so unfair that baby Ariel and her family have to go through this. The family isn't rich so they cannot afford the surgeries but are accepting all donations. I could understand why the government isn't going to help her out because of the factor of equality. If the government helps out baby Ariel then it would be unfair for all the other folks who need money for surgery. However, there are private organizations that have the power to help her out atleast in some way or the other. Whatever happens it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

According to the Trinidad Express, anyone willing to assist can donate to Republic Bank Account number: 150480457901.